Uzbek, probably Lakai. Second quarter 20th century

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28” (left panel); 22” (right panel); 4.5” wide; 7” fringe

Hand-embroidered silk fine cross-stitches on what appears to be handwoven cotton

Factory-made plain red cotton and plain navy blue cotton backing

Silk fringe

Very good condition

Segusha, or saye gosha, are V-shaped embroideries used to embellish the bedding stack (chuk). They were usually part of a larger piece of cloth that was laid between the quilts with the decorative embroidery hanging down in front. With time, the plain cotton or wool cloth (red was the preferred color) was often discarded and only the embroidery retained.

This attractive segusha has rich saturated color and a soft silky hand. Subtle color changes in the embroidery threads used add to the appeal. One small red glass bead has been stitched into the embroidery (visible as a tiny dot in the black and white motif on the right panel).

If you are interested in this segusha and would like more information please contact Susan Meller.

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