Exported to Uzbekistan, c.1900

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Length of roller-printed cotton 56” x 22.5”

Right selvedge intact, but missing 1.5” along the left side

Produced in Russia for export to Central Asia

Good condition. This fabric was used as a quilt cover or backing so there are small scattered holes where the batting was tacked down – all hardly noticeable. There are a few ¼” holes and one 1/2″ hole that are visible in the detail photos.

Illustrated in SILK and COTTON , page 288


This is an unusual pattern with its clocks (hands frozen at 1:30) and ornate chandeliers. It was made in Russian during the late 19th – early 20th century most likely specifically for export to Central Asia. While this piece was used to make a quilt – other examples from my collection with this same pattern lined a woman’s paranja and a silk ikat robe. All of these pieces were found in Uzbekistan.

If you are interested in this length of Russian trade cloth, please contact Susan Meller.

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