Probably Southern Uzbekistan. Signed and dated 1965

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4’3” x 3’

Hand-embroidered silk couching, stem, and buttonhole stitches on cotton

Black commercial ribbon and red machine-embroidered trimming


Fair condition; stains, a few minor holes, areas of embroidery damage

Illustrated in SILK and COTTON  page 188 (photo in book has been digitally restored)


This is a unique suzani – obviously the creator’s own design and a true piece of folk art. It is replete with auspicious motifs. Snakes (ilon) were considered protective; the pomegranate (anor) symbolizes abundance and fertility; the teapot (chainik) offers hospitality; and the bird (qush) brings happiness.


If you are interested in this suzani and would like more information please contact Susan Meller.


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