Central Asia, c.1970s

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27.5” selvedge to selvedge; 70” length; 15.5” repeat

Factory-printed cotton (fabric is shown folded in half)

Good used condition – three holes (see detail photo) midway in length and 10” in from right selvedge; a few small stains

Illustrated in RUSSIAN TEXTILES page 184


This fabric has a very soft hand and is printed on good quality cotton. It was probably used as a backing at one time. There are no signs of stitching on the fabric except on the selvedge edges.

It was most likely printed in one of the Soviet-built textile combines in either Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. It will probably wash well by hand in cold water – a sample test did not run.

If you are interested in this faux-ikat fabric and would like more information please contact Susan Meller.

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