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ART DOLLS: Rich Traditions, New Ideas (RVB-155)


Shelley Thornton/Chris Chomick
The NIADA Foundation & The Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library, 2009
Hardcover with dust jacket. 11” x 8.75”
432 pages with color photographs on every page (all photos are in color)
Excellent condition

This beautiful book showcases an amazing collection of hand-made dolls by the members of NIADA (The National Institute of American Doll Artists) which now includes doll-makers worldwide.

The Gallery of dolls is divided into chapters based on the type of construction, e.g. Air Dry Clay; Fiber; Paper; Wood; Mixed Media; etc.

As the editor writes, “The purpose of this book is to invite people to see dolls from the artists’ perspective…it serves not merely as a showcase for the richness of the work of NIADA’s members, but – like any fine work of art – delights, moves, and inspires all those who encounter it.”

Price: $65.00
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Bedrich Forman
Hamlyn Publishing, London. 1988 first edition
11” x 9.5”
Off-white cloth-covered hardcover with dust jacket
Dust jacket front very good but back is rippled
167 pages with color and black & white.
Excellent condition, except for back of dust jacket

Price: $35.00
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Washington County, NY/Vermont border, 19th century
12” x 7.5”
Marbleized paper over boards
Leather binding
Approximately 228 pages of which slightly over 100 are clean and legible original entries – the rest have clippings, cards, photographs, etc. pasted over the entry pages.
Worn but still sound

This old ledger appears to be originally from a country pharmacy. Later (1943-44) someone – probably a Mrs. Ripley of Poultney, VT – used it as a scrapbook.

The items sold in this store included fabric dyes: “Cochinial”; “Indigo”; “China Vermillion”; “Antimonia Black”; “Prussian Blue”; “Paris Green”, etc.

There are many different medicinal herbs: “Ginsing”; “Blood Root”; “Mandrake Root”; “Tanzy”; “Comfry”; “Powdered Digitalis”, etc. And items such as “Spanish Fly”; “Opium”; “Chloroform”; “Bed Bug Powder”, etc.

This is a fascinating glimpse into the 19th century remedies and household items used in American rural households.

Price: $85.00
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Upstate New York, 1842-1844
6” x 4”
Covers are gray handmade paper over thick cardboard
Leather binding
47 pages of entries
Well-worn but still sound – no loose pages, binding tight

This old ledger is from a rural general store probably in or near Washington County, New York that was owned by the Foster family. All entries are handwritten in ink with the items purchased; the amount and the price; and often the names and towns of the people who bought them.

There are many references to cloth, e.g. “full cloth”, “white flanel”, “sheep gray satinet”, “tweeds”. The family also took in bales of sheep wool and provided carding services (see first image). There’s even a doodle by one of the family members on the last page!

At the time this ledger was being kept, Texas and half of California belonged to Mexico; Russia occupied northern California; slavery was sill in effect; and the Civil War was still almost 20 years away.

Price: $85.00
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14” x 10.25” soft cover; issue 14
Kodansha, Japan 1978
40 pages with 28 color photographs of stenciled cloth (“katazome”); 42 black & white photographs of stencils (“katagami”); and 51 black & white photographs of the step-by-step process of producing this cloth.
Japanese text
Very good condition

This is a high quality “art book” publication and good reference material –
even if you don’t read Japanese!

Price: $60.00
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14” x 10.25” soft cover; issue 19
Kodansha, Japan 1979
40 pages with 67 color photographs of textile stencils (“katagami”) and a few of the stenciled cloth (“katazome”); and 34 black & white photographs of the step-by-step process of producing the stencils and cloth.
Japanese text
Very good condition

This is a high quality “art book” publication and excellent reference material – even if you don’t read Japanese!

Price: $60.00
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14” x 10.25” soft cover
Kodansha, Japan 1980; issue 16
40 pages with 60 color photographs of stenciled cloth (“katazome”) and kimonos and 51 black & white photographs of the step-by-step process of producing this cloth.
Japanese text
Very good condition

This is a high quality “art book” publication and good reference material –
even if you don’t read Japanese!

Price: $60.00
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Group of three textile books:
1. The Illustrated History of Textiles: edited by Madeline Ginsburg. Portland House, NY. 1991.
Hardcover; 224 pages; 9.25”; many full-color plates. Dust jacket scuffed but book in excellent condition.
2. A Book of Old Embroidery: edited by Geoffrey Holme, introduction by A. F. Kendrick. “The Studio”, London. 1921.
Soft cover edition rebound in dark blue book cloth with title embossed in gold leather on spine. 88 pages; 11 x 8”; many black/white and full-color plates. Original “Studio” front cover (some tears) and back cover (William Morris ad). Good condition – pencil check marks in some of the margins and top corners dented.
3. Art of the Embroiderer: Charles Germain de Saint-Aubin, Designer to the King 1770. Text by Edward Maeder, Curator of Textiles. Los Angeles County Museum. 1983.
Hardcover with slipcase; 192 pages; 11.75 x 9”; black/white and full-color plates; text in English with the original “L’Art du Brodeur” in French. Slipcase scuffed, book in excellent condition.

Price: $30.00
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Group of four books on American woven coverlets and weaving:
1. A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers: The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. 1978.
Hardcover; 149 pages; 10 x 8.5”; many black/white and color photos; excellent reference of weavers and their coverlets.

2. The Book of Handwoven Coverlets: Eliza Calvert Hall. Dover Publications, NY. 1988.
Softcover; 67 pages; 11 x 8.25”; many color and black/white photos; excellent reference of pattern names.

3. Key to Weaving: Mary E. Black. Bruce Publishing, Milwaukee. 1945.
Hardcover with dust jacket; 312 pages; 10.25 x 7.75”; many black/white photos of weaving samples along with diagrams and instructions on how to weave them.

4. The Romance of French Weaving: Paul Rodier. Tudor Publishing, NY. 1936
Hardcover; 356 pages; 9.75 x 6.5”; 2 color and 99 back/white illustrations. Extensive history of French weaving.

All in good condition – no tears or markings.

Price: $60.00
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GARDENS in JAPAN: Visited by the Garden Club of America. May 1935 (RVB-143)


Visited by The Garden Club of America, May 1935
Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai, Tokyo 1935
Hardcover folio covered in handwoven fabric (hemp?)
Ivory(?) closures (top one missing)
Gold embossed title on burgundy leather (front and on spine)
20 out of 21 loose plates with tissue overlays (plate VII missing); plates printed on handmade (rice?) paper
Inscribed and signed by Noritake Tsuda, Sept.7, 1949. Tokyo
Fair condition – folio fabric splitting at spine; foxing on plain paper endpapers; plates in excellent condition

Price: $0.00
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By Loraine E. Kuck, 1935
London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd.
Japan: J.L. Thompson & Co., Ltd., Kobe
Hardcover in handwoven fabric (hemp?)
Embossed title and image
149 pages; 6 full-color tipped-in plates; 138 black/white photos
Fold-out map of “Plan of Daitokuji” plus a large folded map of “A Hundred Kyoyo Gardens” showing their locations
Table of Contents and Index
Fair condition – binding loose but intact; some writing in margins and some underlining, otherwise clean


Price: $0.00
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The USEFUL ARTS: Considered in Connection with the Application of Science (RVB-141)


By Jacob Bigelow, MD, Professor of Materia Medica in Harvard University
Thomas H. Webb and Co., Boston 1840
Volume l of two volumes
Dark blue cloth hardcover; gold embossed title on spine
384 pages with engravings.
Glossary and Index
Fair condition – covers rubbed; spine faded; foxing on endpapers and title page; inside pages clean

Price: $25.00
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Two Books: EARLY AMERICAN WALL STENCILS, by Janet Waring, 1937. Hardcover; 86 pages text with another 96 black/white plates and 7 color plates. Good condition – foxing on endpapers; corners slightly bumped; clean inside; 11.5″ x 8.75″.

EARLY AMERICAN WALL PAINTINGS, by Edward Allen, 1926. Hardcover; 110 pages with many black/white photographs. Good condition – clean inside.

Price: $25 for both books

Price: $25.00
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Bird & Bull Press, Newtown, Pennsylvania. 1987
Handmade book from fine private press – 8” x 10”
Includes 23 actual samples of Chinese “tea-chest” papers – each 6” x 8.5”
Handmade paper over boards with embossed gold figures on cover
Red leather spine and tips; green leather with embossed title on spine
Very good condition

68 pages of fascinating text, including how the papers were made and letters between the authors and the printer; 6 black/white photographs of the papers being prepared for inclusion in the books; price lists from the Japan Paper Company, New York, 1926 that list among other types of papers “Nanking Papers”. These samples were imported from Foshan, China in the 1930s by the Englishman Walter f. Crtttall (1887-1956) to use as wallpaper in his house in Essex. They were found by the authors, Hans and Tanya Schmoller, “lovingly kept” by Crittall’s widow. Hans Peter Schmoller (1916-1985) was a well-respected book designer. He designed covers at The Curwen Press in London and Penguin Books where he was the Head of Production. The publisher, Henry Morris founded the Bird & Bull Press in 1958, one of America’s oldest private presses. As Morris said, “It pleases me to know that without the Bird & Bull, many books on worthwhile, albeit esoteric subjects would probably never have been published.”

Price: $175.00
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The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., 1986.
Edited by Ann Pollard Rowe
With 19 essays by various scholars
Soft cover 11” x 8.5”
383 pages with black and white photographs and diagrams
Good condition


Price: $0.00
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Art Deco plates sold individually (RVB-127)

Auguste H. Thomas
Published by Librairie Centrale des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Circa 1922
Pochoir-printed on heavy-weight paper
Complete page is 18” x 12”; the printed image is 15.25” x 10.25”

This was originally a folio of 20 pochoir plates designed by Auguste Thomas. Since this folio is incomplete I am offering some of the plates for sale individually.

Pochoir was a refined method of hand stencil-printing that resulted in layers of pigment that look as if the design were hand-painted with gouache. The colors are saturated and vivid.

The edges of the plates are slightly rubbed, rough and discolored, however all the images (except plate 1) are in fine condition and would look beautiful matted and framed. Each plate is $75 except for plate 1 which is $50 (it has a stain that is visible in the scan). The title page is not included. Plate 8 has a bonus – the artist made a pencil sketch of a 1920s pin-up girl on the back.

Sorry, all plates have been sold.

Price: $0.00
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H. v. Heinemann. Published by Julius Hoffmann, Stuttgart, 1870
Hardcover; 290 pages; 11” x 9” (Book may have been rebound)
Complete with 50 hand-colored, beautiful illustrations of butterflies, moths, their caterpillars and the flowers they feed on.
Text in German
Fair condition – the paper is brittle and the binding loose. Plate 16 is detached and in the worst condition (see bottom photo). The inside corners of some of the plates are torn. Edges of pages are slightly browned. Otherwise the plates and text are clean with no markings.

This is an ex-library book from the Ethel Traphagen Leigh Memorial Library


Price: $0.00
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Published by Libraire des Arts Decoratifs, Paris 1945
4 page introduction by Marcelle Legrand (in French)
Leather-bound hardcover; 9.5” x 12” (front and back covers are the same)
Title, date, and small urn embossed in gold on leather spine
Marbleized endpapers front and back
Complete with 48 plates, 8 in color
Numbered 245/500 with editor’s initials (A.C.)
Very good condition

These prints were originally offered as loose plates in wrappers. Someone had them carefully and professionally bound in this deluxe burgundy leather hardcover book. The book is of very high quality – a pleasure to hold and look through.

The black and white plates would reproduce well and are just asking to be hand-colored with watercolors – or indulge and make this splendid book even more beautiful by adding watercolors directly to the plates. This would make a very special gift indeed!

Price: $125.00
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La Manufacture de TAPISSERIES de BEAUVAIS (RVB-117)


M. Jules Badin, Societe de Propagation des Livres D’Art, Paris 1901
Hardcover; red cloth; 12.25” x 9.25’
116 pages; 31 black & white plates
French text
Marbleized end papers front and back
The original softcover edition was probably rebound in this hardcover format at some point long ago.
Plates and text fine; interior binding intact but a bit loose; board covers bumped as shown.

Price: $50.00
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PASSION & TRANQUILITY Exhibition Catalogue (RVB-112)


Indian & Islamic Works of Art
Spink, London October12 – November 12, 1998
Softcover; 115 pages with 59 entries
12.5” x 9.75”
Superb color photographs in a very high-quality publication
Excellent condition

Price: $25.00
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WORKS of ART from BENIN Catalogue (RVB-109)


The Property of a European Private Collector
Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co., London Auction, June 16th, 1980
10.5” x 7.5”
Hardcover with dust jacket (title on dust jacket embossed in gold).
67 pages; 24 lots; 10 color plates; 23 black & white photos.
Estimate sheet included.
Corners bumped, otherwise in very good condition with no markings.

Top plate: “Bronze Memorial Head of an Oba”, 1st half 14th century.
Bottom plate: “Plaque of a Chief”, 2nd half 16th century

Price: $35.00
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Jakarta, no date (mid-20th century?)
13.25” x 7.75”
Hard board covers bound with green silk cord
10 pages: Introduction plus 9 pages each with an actual cloth sample showing the 9 steps in making a wax batik. Every sample is accompanied by a description and a photograph of that particular process. Each step and the tools used in producing it are identified by their Indonesian name.
A map naming and locating the batik centers of Java is pasted inside the back cover.
Each page is protected by a tissue overlay.
Very good condition.

This is a slim but handy reference book to the steps and tools involved in making a wax batik. It helps the reader understand this intricate process and adds to the appreciation of these textiles.

Also offered on my website is a set of five larger batik samples that show the different stages in producing a wax batik with a copper stamp (“tjap”). These can be found under BAZAAR – OTHER TEXTILES.

There are also three nice old copper batik stamps (“tjap”) offered in the BAZAAR – OTHER TEXTILES section.


Price: $0.00
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Dated: Showa 12 (1937)
10.25” x 7.5”
Silk-covered front and back covers
70 color plates of different ikebana arrangements plus 116 plates of text and instructional drawings.
Japanese text
Good condition except for fading to silk covers; some loose string binding; and slight dent to outside corners of pages.

Price: $50.00
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Albert Garcet, Editeur. France, 1928.
12” x 8.25”
108 plates (originally issued loose in a folio)
Book is in decent condition – hard cardboard marbleized covers are scuffed and faded with worn edges and loose binding; some foxing to the borders of the plates, but no tears or repairs.

The 1st series has 45 out of 48 black & white plates. The missing plates are 36, 40, and 42. The 2nd series is complete with 63 black & white plates.

Each plate is a reproduction of an old master flower painting from a French Museum or Institution. Some of the artists included are: Monnoyer; Van Huysum; Bony.

The price is $100 for the set of 2 volumes.

Price: $100.00
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By Jean-Babtiste Monnoyer Fils
Publisher: Charles Massin et Albert Levy, Paris (no date, c.1920s?)
12.75” x 9.75” (each plate)
19 plates out of 28 (originally issued loose in a folio)
Condition as seen in scans

Each image is a hand-colored engraving. The impression of the steel plate is visible on each page. None of the pages have been cut so it it obvious that some of the steel plates were not centered on the paper during the printing process.

These floral bouquets were created by Jean-Babtiste Monnoyer (1636-1699). He was a Franco-Flemish artist who specialized in flower paintings. Monnoyer designed for the Gobelins and Beauvais tapestry workshops as well as private patrons. His collections of botanical flower engravings such as these, have remained popular with designers, decorators, and collectors till this day.

The plates may be purchased individually for $30 each, or all 19 plates for $200.

Price: $200.00
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