Russia, 1980

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42” long x 49 wide” (appears to be the full width although there are no finished selvedges)

Silk-screened synthetic fabric

Excellent unused condition

The second image shows the complete fabric. (It needs to be ironed. The lighting in this photo is uneven.)

This fabric commemorates the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow from July 19th – August 3rd. It was the first Olympic Games to be staged in Eastern Europe. In 1979 the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and as a protest, then US President Jimmy Carter led a boycott of the games. 66 countries boycotted the games entirely.

The football competition (the pattern on this fabric) was won by Czechoslovakia, with East Germany 2nd, and the Soviet Union 3rd.

If you are interested in this fabric and would like more information please contact Susan Meller.

Price: $75.00
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